The Capital & Smithsonian

So… today we went to the Capital and the Smithsonian (see above). While we were there I got to talk to my Congressional representative, Morgan Griffith. He was really nice and took our opinions seriously and listened to what we had to say. Overall it was a nice meeting with him. He told us that coal was an important economic factor in our area and that the government was working on ways to make it more environmentally friendly cost efficient.

After the meeting I went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, where I saw the dinosaurs, oceans, and a really pretty petrified tree. It had changed color because the minerals had been replaced slowly over time. Later I got to talk to a volunteer at the museum who was working with fossils and sorting out tiny bones into different piles. He told me that the new technology allowed these bones to finally make a difference in research and that they actually needed to be sorted by someone now, because they had been sitting somewhere since the 1920s. It was really neat to see what he was doing.

The last thing we did in the museum was listen to marine biologist talk about pteropods and how cool they thought they were. Pteropods are “wing-footed” snails that use their winds to fly in the ocean. They swim in the deep sea waters and are just now being researched by many scientists.

Last thing I did before going to bed was listen to Sybille Klenzendorf ( I have a business card, that’s why I can spell her name) talk about the WWF and what she does in the program. She explained how they work with other environmental organizations to get people to see nature as an important part of their lives and treat it with respect. Another thing she explained is how the organization chooses which animals they are going to focus on out of the thousands of species that could use our help.

I had a great day. Some of the things that I have done today are unbelievable and I have not talked about some of it just because I’m tired of typing and want to go to bed. Sorry.

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