I know the huge number of people reading this want to know what that stands for so I will tell you. It stands for the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. It is a place where animals who are extinct in the wild or severely endangered come to be researched so that one day they may be reintroduced to their ecosystems. These animals are not on display like a zoo they are for research and usually reproduction.

While I was there at SCBI I heard a panel of people who work there talk about their jobs and what they do on a day to day basis. They also answered delegates questions and told us how they became interested in conservation and came to work at SCBI. After that I had a really good lunch and was sent to different scientists.

The first group I went to visited the mane wolf, who is extinct in the wild and was extremely cool. After hearing about their diet and how they were cared for, what the scientists had to do to take care of them, and why they were there to begin with; my group moved on to bird-watching. We did this from 1-2, which is possibly the worst time to watch birds, EVER. I saw two blue birds, a male and a female, and a really pretty female tree sparrow. That’s it. Nothing else worth mentioning.

The last place I went was to the woods. Why not? It’s a place of conservation. We went there to set up two camera traps, cameras that go off at movement or heat. They take pictures of animals in the area and show scientists the common mammals that go through particular areas. The woman who helped set up the cameras, Stephanie?, told us that we would be getting pictures from the cameras later this week. I really want to know what we will see.

This was one of the greatest experiences. I got to talk to people who deal with conservation on a daily basis and see what they do for a living. I also got to do some hands-on activities so I didn’t fall asleep. Even better!

101_0819    101_0826

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